I am Ewa De Luca.
I am a trained, passionate visual artist, wall decorator and mural painter.

I like interesting artistic challenges which I put my artistic soul in. My greatest objective and fulfilment is to take my works to people, offering them joy, positive emotions and energy. My friends describe me as “a sensitive soul, a buff, a risk-taker. Wherever she goes, she spreads joy, smile and positive energy. There are no things impossible to do for her”.

My path to painting was rather windy. Our life is not always as we would like it to be which is why I did something entirely different in the beginning… Ten years ago a time came when I, sitting in my office, at the computer, asked myself “What am I doing here? Actually, it is not what I would like to do”. Something broke then. On my way home I bought a piece of card stock and pencils. This is how it all started.
I was anxious about the first stroke, but it is similar to riding a bike, you do not forget it. I drew all night. When I finished in the morning, I told myself “Now I know what I want to do in my life”. This is how my passion became my job and career.

I cooperate with architects and interior designers, implementing their ideas for wall decorations. We often design those decorations, so important, during “brainstorms”. We call them “the icing on the cake”. Most customers await such exceptional and creative solutions, causing the “wow” effect, more and more often.

I focus on doing large-size works as this is what the walls are like, especially if they can be looked at later from various perspectives, from the living-room, the dining-room or the kitchen. A well-chosen decoration, i.e. a mural, a 3D graphic art, a bas-relief, an abstract painting, a combination of various decorative structures or a large painting gives a soul to the interior. It is best when it is well-lit as the light extracts the most beautiful aspects of the decoration.

Every customer is unique to me. I give the sole right to the said decoration to them and guarantee the work will not be reproduced anywhere else.

In my free time I paint also paintings. Large ones, obviously, as you simply cannot wean off large areas…


Ewa De Luca
Malowidło ścienne
Festiwal Niezła Sztuka
Płaskorzeźba z malowidłem
A real artist with a business approach - this combination rarely happens Such talent and approach to the client deserve true appreciation An amazing woman and an amazing sense of taste She understands needs without words She can capture beauty and discover the interior again