Visualisations Having met with the customer and learnt their expectations, I design and arrange the interior in a graphic programme. I use it as a base for preparing my visualisations in order to present the actual result of my work to the customer as much as possible. Wróć Back


Bas-relief A hand-made wall bas-relief is a unique and tasty interior decoration component. It is made from selected natural gypsum stone, excavated from underground deposits. After it achieves its full chemical properties, it is a highly graceful material, easy to polish, which can be covered with different finishes. Thanks to the technology and creative process,...
Płaskorzeźba z malowidłem


A bass-relief with a painting A hand-made wall bas-relief is an exceptional interior decoration component. Enriched with a painting, it adds colour and finish to the interior, becoming a unique interior design component. When placed in an appropriate place, lit and enclosed by the frame, it makes a true work of art. Wróć Back
Ewa De Luca


A large-size painting This is usually a flat work of art, primarily associated with painting, where certain content is recorded using various painting and graphic art techniques. The warp is covered with acrylic or oil paints. It is done using brushes or palette knives. The final layer is the varnish, or a finishing, colourless top...
Grafika 3D


3D graphic art A unique wall decoration, offering an illusion of space, is a perfect match for the contemporary interiors devoted to various themes. It is usually black and white, grey or sepia. At the customer's request, it can be made in selected colours and matched to the interior design. In the final step, the...
Malowidło ścienne


Artistic wall painting Those are primarily large-size wall paintings, integrated into the wall as a permanent interior design component. They have various topics and use different means of artistic expression, e.g. a colour spot or line. They are usually two-dimensional or two-dimensional with 3D components, or even three-dimensional, the so-called trompe l’oeil (French), offering an...
Beton dekoracyjny


Concrete effect, decorative plaster Concrete has become a fashionable interior design component. I use an Italian product called OIKOS CEMENTO, or a decorative concrete for indoor and outdoor applications which goes with metal, wood or glass. That mineral plaster is a perfect decoration for modern interiors which are to be unique and display a timeless...
Basen hotelowy (fot. Tomasz Łuszczak)


Hotel pools Hotel pools are a component of the hotel interior design. Incorporated in the facility, they reflect the nature of the place and its atmosphere. Similar to any other paintings in damp rooms, they must be protected and fixed as appropriate. Wróć Back
Basen miejski


Municipal pools Pool designs are frequently difficult challenges which offer impressive results. Glazed rooms with daylight access and artificial lighting require choosing suitable colours and motifs. The whole must go with the colours of the place and create coherent atmosphere. The important aspects include the technical finish and use of water-proof varnish. Wróć Back
Basen prywatny


Private pools Private pool designs must provide a place associated with relax and recreation. High temperature and humidity necessitate to use a special protection and ensure the durability of the painting. The whole must go with the turquoise water and reflect the nature of that place. Wróć Back
Mural Balans na linach


My portfolio contains also works made for competitions, festivals and exhibitions. They are a very important aspect of my work as they enable me to show my passion and present a wide range of abilities. However, I do not rest on my laurels. New ideas are new objectives I have been implementing all the time....